Behind the scenes

Barbarossa Bäckstage is a series of short clips in which we look over our colleagues’ shoulders. We look behind the scenes of our production, logistics and our shops. Direct, up close, real!


Michael has the overview and that is necessary considering the amount of baked goods that have to be delivered to the shops daily. He has to plan very precisely, so that the products can be as fresh as possible and arrive in the shops on time. Good and reliable truck drivers are of most importance. We are glad to have them!

dough department

Each dough starts in this department. Thomas knows that you have to pay attention to many details and that the accumulated knowledge pays an important role in how the dough and with that the final product will turn out.

pastry department

Sonja explains to us how the Nuplu is made, from the making of the dough to the final product. Each Nuplu is being twisted into its form by hand.

oven department

Uwe tells us about the importantce of modern oven technology. Every oven can be indiviually adjusted to the product. Several parameters have to be taken into account, for example to make sure that the Urbrot gets its well loved cracked crust and unique aroma.


Rudi shows us his confectionary-department. True craftsmanship is most important here. Cakes are being layered and refined by hand. We use as many regional ingredients as possible. Because of that our assortment varies by season.

bread department

Oliver shows us his passion for bread. He explains how the bread is given its final form. It is very interesting that most breads are formed by hand, i.e. the Urbrot.


Kelly's day starts quite often quite early. Even before the shop opens there is a lot to do: add products to the sales counter and shelves, add the price labels and make sandwiches. She loves being in contact with her clients the most, especially regular customers. She knows their wishes often without them saying a word.

quality managment

Jeannette explains to us that quality is the number one priority at Barbarossa. Not only when creating new products, but also when it comes to existing baked goods. We continually check our ingredients, the quality of our dough and the final products.

Barbarossa Bäckstage - Christmas bakery

The Christmas bakery is very busy.
The Christmas-Barbo and his elves have a lot to do. They have to finish the cookies and gingerbread, so they can be delivered to the shops in time. Fortunately they have little helpers.

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