2. February 2021

Canoe for “Paddlergilde Kaiserslautern”...

The Barbarossa children foundation financed a canoe for the “Paddlergilde Kaiserslautern” with 1200€.

2. February 2021

Project cheerleader’s youth work

The Barbarossa children foundation supports the “LSG –Die Chaote– e.V.” again with a check worth 1200€. The cheerleading and show dance foundation voluntarily helps children and teenagers from low-income families. The check was presented by Kurt Landry (Barbarossa Bakery; assistant to the [...]

2. February 2021

3000€ for oven for PÄDSAK foundation

The foundation “Pädagogisch-Soziale Aktionsgemeinschaft e.V. (PÄDSAK)” does great community work in the city district Wackenberg/St. Arnual in Saarbrücken. A brand-new oven was financed with 3000€ from the Barbarossa children foundation. It is going to allow various team baking proj[...]

2. February 2021

Barbarossa children foundation presents check for proje...

Thursday, September 19th, 2019 Jürgen Bohnert (Barbarossa children foundation) presented a check worth 1200€ to the “friends of the Auersmacher und Sitterswalder Grundschulkinder” for their project “movement”. Children and teachers were very happy and thankful for the dona[...]

2. February 2021

Project “School Garden” Offene Ganztagsgrun...

Thanks to the Barbarossa children foundation’s support five years ago the project “school garden” could be advanced at the school “OGTS Weyersberg”. With an additional 1200€ the foundation secures the continuity of the project.

21. January 2021

Surprise for the Rappelkiste Kaiserslautern

December 10th, 2019 we surprised the children of the “Spiel- und Lernstube Rappelkiste” in Kaiserslautern with a goodie bag. We filled it with toys, colored pencils, a coloring book, Christmas cookies and an orange. We are glad that we got to put a smile on […]

21. January 2021

Project “Chiara” in Otterberg

Chiara cannot walk. She uses a wheel chair. Her parents have to carry her up and down the stairs. They started a fund-raiser for a stair lift. The Barbarossa children foundation donated 500 Eur. We are glad that we got to be part of this […]

21. January 2021

Project “First Aid courses for emergencies concer...

In Frankenthal the network “Kinderschutz, Kindergesundheit und Frühe Hilfen” (child protection, child health and early help) offers young parents coupons for first aid courses for emergencies concerning children. Supporting this great project the Barbarossa children foundation donates 1[...]

21. January 2021

Donation for the parents’ initiative for children...

Friday, July 10th, 2020 Jürgen Bohnert (project manager Barbarossa children foundation) and Kurt Landry (Barbarossa bakery) delivered a check of 2.000€ to the parents’ initiative for children with cancer in the Saarland (“Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder im Saarland e.V.”). [...]

18. January 2021

Fresh air units for PÄDSAK e.V.

The “Barbarossa Kinderfonds Stiftung” (Barbarossa children’s foundation) helps the “Pädagogisch-Soziale Aktionsgemeinschaft e.V (PÄDSAK)” financing a fresh air unit. Clean air is extra important during this pandemic. In the cold winter months this units creates the po[...]