Barbarossa as employer

Our concept

As a family-run business we treasure the feeling of togetherness. We value our employee’s education and training. We encourage creativity. We stand for 100% genuine craftsmanship and use high-quality selected ingredients. Transparency towards our costumers as well as our employees is very important to us. Sustainability is our constant goal. We consider it with every decision we make.


Antonio C.

Trainee baker

“Already throughout my apprenticeship I bear responsibility and have to take care of our products’ quality. The manual work challenges me and what you learn about the doughs is just great! I’d like to do my master’s degree someday, too!”

Kelly C.

Saleswoman in the food trade

„Working with people is what I enjoy most about my job. It is also great that the activities are so varied. Baking, making sandwiches, cashiering, it never gets boring. “

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